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Welcome to the webpage for Year 3 at Linaker! Please do check back often and we will try to keep you up to date with everything that goes on. 


The children this year are spread across three classes taught by Mr Wilson-Maher, Mr Hirst, Mrs Robertson and Mrs White. (The oldest children in the year group are with Mr Hirst who teaches a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 pupils.)



This half term, we will continue to work hard to use our fabulous writing skills to describe, explain, record and inform across a range of subjects. Spellings are important in our writing and we will continue to look at the use of prefixes and suffixes and their meaning in our spelling lessons whilst continuing to secure common spellings.

Our text is The Lost Happy Endings by former Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy. We will be exploring what would happen if all the happy endings were stolen from bedtime stories and looking for ways to improve our storytelling skills.


We are looking forward to using our VIPERS puppets to help us in Guided Reading. We will be looking at new words and finding out the meaning of them so that we can use them in our own writing.



In Maths, we are following the Math No Problem curriculum as we set out to ensure that all pupils finish the year with a fluent understanding of the Year 3 maths skills. This includes the children tackling a daily problem, selecting concrete resources to help them. 

We are also looking at different ways in which questions came be asked and developing in our mathematical vocabulary.


This half term we will be reading scales to determine mass, measuring volumes and capacity in different units and we will be using our bar modelling, addition and subtraction skills to solve word problems in context. Our daily session of Mental Maths reinforces the speed with which children should recall key facts including number bonds to ten, simple addition and subtraction facts and times tables. 


There is a new document to support our addition review homework below.


The Children have all been given an individual login to MyMaths for further practise.



In Science, we will be investigating sound and how it is generated in different ways using different instruments. We will be looking at vibrations and we will be linking in with the National Science Week 2019 topic of Journeys to report on the journey of sound to our ears. There will also be the opportunity to use our Maths skills to measure length when we investigate the effect of distance on sound. We will be focussing on drawing conclusions from our results and will try to explain what we discover to others both in writing and orally.



Our driving topic for this first half term is 'Reign Over Us' and we will be studying different eras in History starting with William I and the Battle of Hastings. We will be creating our own Royal Crests, writing a biography Of Henry VIII and writing letters to the longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.



This term we are looking at online safety and with Deedee from One Decision we will be looking at Golden Rules for using Computers. We are going to look at how to create good survey questions and create an online survey. Our ultimate aim, with Mr Greco's help, is to create podcasts about our findings.


Well done to all the children who made good start to the Reading Challenge last half term - some of you are already half way there.


We look forward to meeting with parents and carers on Parents Evening when you can see our work decorating the classrooms.


The Year 3 Team

(Mr Hirst, Mr Wilson-Maher, Mrs Robertson & Mrs White)


Key Information -


PE Days - PE is every Thursday afternoon this half term and whenever the weather permits, the lesson may be outside so suitable PE kit will be essential - jogging bottoms & tracksuit tops might be important additions to the standard kit! We find it best for children to keep their PE kit in school all week rather than trying to bring it he in just on the days it is required. 


Homework - Maths and English Homework is set on Thursdays for completion and hand in by the following Monday. In addition this year, the children all have a 'Personal Learning Log'. This is NOT further homework but a recognition that children often have their interest sparked by things we do in school and want to take them further. Any extra research, writing, maths or artwork that the children want to do should be recorded in these logs, Teachers look forward to seeing these and rewarding anything done in them.


Reading - As in previous years, all the children have a school reading book and a reading record. They are encouraged to bring these home daily and regular reading remains the greatest support that parents can offer their children. As children progress in reading, discussion of the books becomes as important as listening to them read - by Year 3, the children need to be able to talk about characters and their motives. In common with other year groups, Year 3 are running a series of reading challenges this year to encourage reading beyond the classroom. Details can be found in the letters home section.


An invitation - Parents are always welcome to visit the classroom to see the work that their children are doing - please pop in at the end of the day or have a word with your class's teacher to arrange a time.


High expectations - Parents will be aware that a new national curriculum came into force three years ago and it raised expectations even higher for the things that the pupils should be achieving by Year 3. Just to illustrate what the children are aiming at, the document below provides an overview of the requirements of the National Curriculum in Year 3. The overview of our curriculum for this year is also available:


Maths Homework Help

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If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to approach your child's class teacher in the first instance or by all means use this contact form, which will deliver an email to Mr Hirst.

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