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Welcome to the webpage for Year 6 at Linaker! Please do check back often and we will try to keep you up to date with the very busy year that we have ahead. 


During this first half term, we will be basing our English work around the text ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' by CS Lewis.  The pupils will be producing a range of writing in response to the story. 


During the first half term, we will be investigating Ancient Egypt as an early civilisation and considering the impact of tourism on ancient monuments.


Art work will centre round producing a 3d sarcophagus.


In geography, the children will read maps in a range of scales plus produce their local maps using keys. They will consider how the world is changing.


We will also be exploring the light and shadow in the first half term in our science studies.



The Year 6 Team

Ms Fraser, Mr Napier, Mrs Woodward,  Mrs Butler and Mr Hirst will be joining Year 6 in the mornings.


Key information-


Homework - Maths and English homework is set every Thursday and is due to be handed in on Tuesday. Spellings are carried out every day with children recording their own 'tricky' words in their diary. If there is any issue with homework, please feel free to contact us. In Year 6, children are given the opportunity to go on a school trip for completing their homework at the end of each term. In the past, Year 6 have been to the cinema, played ten pin bowling and have taken part in water based outdoor activities.


PE Days - PE is every Monday and Friday afternoon through the term and whenever the weather permits, the Friday lesson will be outside so suitable PE kit will be essential - tracksuits for an extra layer may be useful as it gets colder. We find it best for children to keep their PE kit in school all week rather than trying to bring it in just on the days it is required.  Please remember that tights are not permitted so a pair of socks in the kit is recommended. Also, for health and safety, earrings should be removed for PE and hair should be tied back.



Reading - As in previous years, all the children have a school reading book . They are encouraged to bring this home daily and regular reading remains the greatest support that parents can offer their children. As children progress in reading, discussion of the books becomes more important than listening to them read - by Year 6, the children need to be able to talk about the writer's choice of vocabulary and create assumptions from subtle clues.


To promote reading, each year group is running a reading challenge, each session of reading with an adult should be recorded in the child’s diary and signed. These are recorded with targets of 10, 20 and 40 reading sessions with rewards of increasing fabulousness!


If any parent, carer or grandparent would like to volunteer to read with children in year 6 we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Ms Fraser or Mr Napier to arrange convenient times.


The children have, for the first time, a diary which includes their reading record.  We are encouraging the children to take these to each lesson to record any key information they may need such as homework hints.  Please encourage your child to fully utilise these, adding the term dates, trips, PE days etc to help your child take responsibility for their day to day requirements in preparation for secondary school.


If you have any queries, these can also be noted in the diary and shown to the class teacher as a handy way of communicating.

Role play based around our class book, The Lion, The Witch and The wardrobe, involved indulging ourselves with Turkish Delight, wearing faux fur coats and seriously considering why the White Witch had used the sweets to lure Edmund into betraying his siblings. Interesting questions and thoughtful answers referencing the text demonstrated Year 6 have really engaged with the book.

We have a 3D printer on loan from the Atkinson for two weeks. Year 6 are busy taking orders for designs from each class in the school and creating 3D plans to upload.

An interesting and informative visit to the Atkinson as part of our living history week.

Year 6 enjoyed a fabulous workshop on Ancient Egypt.

What a fabulous day! Years 3,4,5,and 6 all came dressed in clothing of the historical period they are studying. Each class carried out a range of activities to support historical learning. Year 6 composed questions then interviewed children from the Stone Age, Saxon or Roman times then compared lifestyle, they made masks and canopic jars, played Senet and were history detectives in Time Raiders, they prepared and cooked authentic recipes from Ancient Egypt to name but a few!

Einstein's riddle. In maths, children are devising ways to solve Einstein's logic puzzle. It is said that only 2% of the population are successful - Year 6 aim to be in that percentage!

Einstein's riddle - a work in progress! After a teeny tiny hint that a matrix of some kind would help, the groups have raced ahead with one group very close to an answer!

We have a winner! Very well done on your systematic approach.

We have a winner! Very well done on your systematic approach.  1

A close second - very well done!

A close second - very well done! 1

As part of their Geography work on the changing world, Year 6 pupils have created their own biomes and have placed them in different areas to try and replicate various climates. Keep coming back as we post pictures charting the plant growth.

The pupils will be working on the following maths units this year.

Contact your class teacher.

If you wish to contact the Year 6 team, please use the contact form and Ms Fraser will respond to your query.

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