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07/02/2022 The Way Back Home By Oliver Jeffers

This week, we will be reading: The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

An adventurous boy finds a small aeroplane in a cupboard and immediately flies it, higher and higher until he runs out of petrol and is stranded; on the moon! Coincidentally, a Martian whose space ship has broken down, lands on the moon as well. Can they help each other so that they can both make their way back home? The Way Back Home is a delightfully illustrated story about friendship, working together and having lots in common despite being different.


Click here to listen to the story:

We also read: Whatever Next

Click here for the story:

This week we have been reading stories about Journeys to space. The children had fun lots of fun painting the rocket for our role play area, playing on the control panel and adding their own loose parts. We watched space themed videos and pretended we were flying through space. 

We also watched a video on YOUTUBE of a REAL ROCKET taking off...IT WAS VERY NOISY!

Click here to watch at home too: Rocket Launch

Outside, we draw aliens with our jumbo chalks and some even covered themselves in green chalk to look like Aliens.


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