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Hi everyone,


Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday and are safe and well. We were REALLY looking forward to our new term with you. Hopefully, we'll have just as much fun online.


Until we can join back together in our classroom, our Zoom sessions will take place at 9:45am and 1:00pm. Zoom codes can be found in the home learning pack or by emailing


As before, you will find links below to the work set each day.   We are following our usual timetable as much as possible.  We expect to see you  on the zoom sessions each day and we are required to take a register of attendance.


As in school, Mrs Worthington will be leading the Zoom sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon and Mrs White will lead the rest of the week.


In addition to the work set we also expect you to continue to read at home, (we are aware that your books are in school so whatever books you have at home is fine).  Please make use of Lexia, Reading buddy, MyMaths and NumBots.  If you have misplaced your logins please get in touch.


We look forward to seeing you on the Zoom sessions and back in school, safe and well, as soon as possible. 


Big socially distanced hugs from us until then! 


Take care,

Mrs Worthington and Mrs White

Planning your day...

It is really important to keep a routine for your child, try to keep to set times for getting up, eating meals and going to bed.

Their learning timetable might look something like the one below, but we absolutely understand the challenges of learning at home and it is only a suggestion.  Each family will adapt their times according to their circumstances.  However, the children are required to join in the zooms at the times stated. 

Children aged 5 and 6 still have a relatively short concentration span so the day is divided up into lots of small chunks with breaks in between.  During breaks your child might need to do some exercise or get some fresh air, or they might just want to play with their toys.

Suggested Timetable

How to use NumBots

NumBots Explanation Video

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Step by Step PowerPoint to show you how to login and play NumBots

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