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31/01/2022 Naughty Bus By Jan & Jerry Oke

This week we are reading:

Naughty Bus: A young boy receives a toy bus as a present and has great fun exploring the world with his new toy which turns out to be quite a naughty bus – or is it the boy being naughty?!! This is a very unusual picture book with a story told through close up photography and mainly narrated by the toy bus. Very cleverly recreating children’s imaginative play this book is great fun to share with your child and to use as a springboard for their own play ideas.


Click here to view: Naughty Bus by Jan & Jerry Oke

Things to make and do (By:

Story play
Encourage children to recreate some of the scenes from the story using their own toys eg the tall buildings and traffic in London, the bus queue or in the garden (or park) even the baked bean scene if you can bear the mess! Children can retell parts of the story in their own words as they recreate these scenes.


Make your own naughty bus adventure
Take a toy bus or another small toy vehicle off for adventures indoors and in the garden if you have one or the local park.


Make a story with photos
Take close up photos together of the bus in different places, inside and out.  If possible print them and make a book of your naughty bus photos together.  Ask your child to tell you about each photo and scribe their words as captions  to go with the pictures.  Alternatively you could look at digital photos together as a slide show or make a photo story with them.


Sing a song
Sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ click here for the words. You might like to create a new version to the same tune together instead changing the words to The Naughty Bus….


Go on a bus journey
This is especially fun if children haven’t been on a bus journey before. Children could draw a picture of themselves on the bus after your trip. Talk together about what they noticed and remember about the bus.



We are also reading...

The Bus Is For Us: 

A lively rhyming picture book about transport by poet and former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen, author of We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Small children take great delight in things that go - whether by bicycle, car, boat, or plane. And best of all is taking the bus, because the bus is for everyone! Complemented by beautiful artwork from Gillian Tyler, this playful book will captivate little listeners and is perfect for reading aloud.


Click here to view: The Bus is for Us by Michael Rosen

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