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31/01/2022 The Train Ride By June Crebbin

This week's focus text is the Train Ride by June Crebbin

This picture book tells the story of a little girl who goes on a long train journey to visit her grandma by the sea. During the journey she talks about all the things she sees on the way. The story has a clear rhythm echoing the movement and sound of the train. The strongly rhythmic and rhyming text make it a great read aloud and fun to join in with. Click here for the story: The Train Ride

Things to make and do.

Play the story
Using a toy train or other vehicle, a train track or bricks and toy animals and figures you could help your child set out the scenery in the story to recreate the journey.

Play a word game
Play a game like ‘I went to market and I bought…’

‘I went on a train ride and I saw….sheep running off’

‘I went on a  train ride and I saw sheep running off and a shiny red tractor etc…’

Play a board game
Print off and play the Train Ride track game together.

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