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3/4DH Aquatic

3/4 DH looked at plants that grow in water. This included water lilies which were an inspiration to the artwork of Monet. Plants growing in water need to be protected from too much water damaging them and still be able to make their own food.


  • Water lilies are fixed plants. They have thorns on the bottom of their leaves to protect them from being eaten or attacked by aquatic animals.  There is a waxy cuticle on their leaves to keep them dry. The leaves are big, airy and float so they can absorb sunlight for photosynthesis. They have weak stems to allow them to expand.
  • Water lettuce has tiny hairs on its roots and leaves which allow the plant to float rather than drown. The shape, which looks like a cup, also helps it to float.
  • Duckweed are small green plants with air spaces in leaves that float on top of the water with their roots hanging below. Duckweed does not have a stem in the same way as a lot of plants due to its small size. It is small so it grows quickly and can spread easily.
  • Lotus flowers have wide, disc shaped leaves which help the plant to float and absorb sunlight. The stem and leaves are waxy.

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