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Hi everyone,


We hope you are safe and well. We were REALLY looking forward to our new term with you. Hopefully, we'll have just as much fun online.


Until we can join back together in our classroom, our Zoom sessions will take place at 9:15am and 1:30pm. Zoom codes can be found in the home learning pack or by emailing .


Like last time, below are some links to lessons for the children to complete during the day. Although we are following our usual timetable, as a minimum, we expect attendance on the zoom sessions, reading to be done (we are aware that your books are in school for isolation so whatever books you have is fine) and maths work to be completed. The lessons attached are designed so the children can work mostly independently.


Like in school, Mrs Thomas will be leading the Zoom sessions on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Lavelle will lead the rest of the week. On a Tuesday afternoon, at 2pm, there will be an extra session led by Mrs Woodward. Look in your pack for the code to the Spanish lessons. 


We look forward to seeing you on the Zoom sessions and back in school, safe and well, on Monday 8th March


Big socially distanced hugs from us until then! heart


Take care,

Mrs Lavelle and Mrs Thomas 

Home Learning week beginning 15th March


Maths - Start from lessopn 11. One a day lessons 11-15

Click here


English - STart from lesson one. One a day 1 - 5

Click here

Today's lessons

Friday 5th March - Mrs Lavelle

Remember, there is no afternoon Zoom session today.yes


Today is our last ever (fingers crossed) day of home learning and Zoom lessons! We're so excited to see you back in school, safe and well, on Monday. Well done, and thank you for being so brilliant, working so hard and getting used to learning from home so quickly. We know how tricky it has been. Also, a massive thank you to your grown ups at home and the staff in school for getting you ready and prepared for Zoom sessions and helping when we can't be there. We really appreciate your support. heartyes


Guided Reading - We will start this together verbally on Zoom. Today, you are going to be finishing your comic strip by inferring what the characters would be saying and thinking in different parts of the story.


Using what we discussed on Zoom and my pictures (see below), add speech bubbles, thought bubbles and captions to your comic strips. 

Look below to see what we discussed on today's zoom. We chose where to use a speech bubble and where was better for a thought bubble. We also shared some ideas for the first three. I can't wait to see your finished comic strip.


Maths - We will do this together on Zoom. Click here to watch the video again.

English - Click here.


SPAG - Click here.


Music - Click here.


PSHE - Click here.

Previous lessons

Our Gallery

We love seeing the work you complete at home. If your grown up has chance, ask them to take a picture of your work and email it to so we can celebrate your achievements with you. We will add photographs to 'Our Gallery'.

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