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3MWM Antarctica

3MWM Antarctica

Despite the freezing temperatures in the Antarctic there are still some plants that grow there. They grow in the small section (less than 1%) that is not permanently covered with snow. There are two types of flowering plant: Antarctic hair grass and Antarctic pearlwort. There are no trees or shrubs. 

  • These plants have complex deep root systems which anchor hair grass and helps them take up water.
  • Short growing periods.
  • Leaves die on the hair grass over winter.
  • They are self-pollinators because other plants could be some distance away.


The rest of the vegetation is made up of mosses, liverworts, lichens and fungi. 

This is how these plants adapt to the freezing conditions and avoid dehydration.

  • Shallow or no roots help them adapt to a lack of soil and often grows in rocky areas.
  • Small leaves to reduce water loss.

Antarctic plants

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