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Welcome to our Home Learning page for the Spring Term 2021! Each day, I will be teaching online lessons at 9.15am and 1.30pm and in the morning session, I'll also go over the other tasks for the day. All the links and resources you need will be posted on this page but please don't worry about printing things out if that is an issue, you can just put all the work straight into your exercise book.


As well as the listed lessons, please make time everyday to use Reading Plus for at least 20 minutes.


If you have any problems at all, or when you have work to share, please email me using


Mr Hirst



Parents evening - over the course of this week, I will be trying to contact parents for a chat. If you have expressed a preference for times, I will try to fit in with that. Otherwise, you may receive a call at anytime this week - if you need to ignore it, please do and I will try a second time.

Friday, 5th March - Celebrating the end of remote learning!!


Today is a little different - the pods in school will not be on zoom as they celebrate their last day together so our day will be different too. In the morning zoom, we will be doing some drawing, completing some quizzes and enjoying the fact that we won't be relying on video from Monday! Make sure you have some paper and a pen or pencil with you and I will see you at 9.15.


There will be NO afternoon zoom - this is because I need to sort the classroom out ready for Monday. Can I take the chance to thank all our parents and families for their support over the last couple of months; I look forward to welcoming my class back to school on Monday.


Mr Hirst

Learning for Thursday, 4th March - World Book Day


Things are a bit different today and your only goal is to spend plenty of time enjoying books! In the morning lesson, will will mark the reading comprehension from yesterday and then look at some tips from authors for writing great stories. After that, I will have a book ready to share. We will also chat about some ideas for the silly reading challenge and see what we can come up with. We will then split up for math as normal so that Year 5 and Year 6 can work with their usual teachers.


In the afternoon session, we will read a little more and have a few minutes in breakout rooms but the afternoon will be very busy as we have Spanish at 2pm and an extra reading session with Miss Chambers at 2.30pm. (I'll let you have codes for that in our 1.30pm session if you need them).

Learning for Wednesday, 3rd March


Reading - This weeks comprehension task where you need to produce written answers is in the resources section - it's called 'Arthur - High King of Britain'. In the lesson we will look at the text together and then could you please get your answers written ready for tomorrow.

English -  Today we will watch the final section of the Macbeth story together - you can find it here. As your independent task today, you are going to write a 'letter from beyond the grave'! Either as King Duncan or Banquo, you are going to write to Macbeth, trying to get him to see the impact of what he has done. A successful letter will -

   * Use of powerful language to express emotions

   * Include questions to provoke Macbeth

   * Use paragraphs to separate and structure ideas

   * Refer to factual information from the play

   * Have added imaginary details to enhance the tone of the letter

This will be the last piece of writing this week, so feel free to spread the work over two days - planning and drafting today. editing and finalising tomorrow. I'll talk more about the letter in the morning lesson.

Year 6 Math - We will review and mark the circles work from yesterday and introduce today's lesson that uses your new knowledge of circles to solve problems. You can find the lesson here. When you have watched it, please complete the activities in the resources section.

Year 5 Math - Mrs Woodward's group will be looking at Chapter 4, Lesson 3 - Solving word problems.

Computing - Today, take the afternoon to work on your computing. Can you do the next two lessons on variables - they are here and here - and then spend some time trying out some ideas for a game you are going to design. Remember, to try out coding yourself, you will want to visit the Scratch online site which can be found here. 

Learning for Tuesday, 2nd March


Reading - We are going to look together at the final one of the short reading challenges from the resources section further down the page.

English - We will look at some of the picture notes that you made yesterday and check that retelling the key points of Macbeth is something we can all do. We will then watch the section section of the story together - you can find it here. As your independent task today, you need to choose two events from your picture notes and then write a tweet from one of the main characters from that point in the story. I'll show you some examples in our morning lesson. Remember tweets can have no more than 280 letters in them.

Year 6 Math - We will review and mark the 3d shape nets work from yesterday and introduce today's lesson on circles. You can find the lesson here. When you have watched it, please complete the activities in the resources section.

Year 5 Math - Mrs Woodward's group will be looking at Chapter 4, Lesson 2 - Solving word problems.

Spelling - today, have a look at the second lesson on this week's spelling words. It will help you fix some of the words in your memory! You can find it here.

PHSE - Today's lesson focuses on the 3 Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle. You can find the lesson here.

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