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Home Learning- 12th July


There will not be any Zooms on Monday unfortunately. Please complete the reading tasks below and an arithmetic test. 


In the afternoon, we would normally have PE, so try to get some exercise. If you don't have a garden, then I've uploaded some yoga cards for you to try and copy. Put some comfy clothes on, some relaxing music and have a go!


Zooms will hopefully resume on Tuesday on our usual zoom code- 


Zoom code: 505-042-1455

The password: teamyear5



I look forward to seeing you Tuesday, 

Miss Chambers 

Pod Closure 15.03.2021

Miss Chambers will be running her zooms (on the usual code and passcode) at 9:15 (for around 30minutes) and again at 11:00. These will be for English and Maths input and task-setting. 


Mrs Gray will be having her usual group on a different code. These will be given to you by Miss Chambers on Monday morning's Zoom. Mr Tilley's group will be led by Mrs Tierney and I will give out her zoom code on Monday too. 


In the afternoon, we will be running our usual sessions at 1:30. 


We look forward to seeing you all on Zoom!


Miss Chambers, Mrs Gray and Mrs Tierney

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