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Parent meetings - week beginning 1st March. These meetings will take place on zoom, using the same codes as for the class sessions. Please check times and dates you are available, email a selection of choices to I will reply with a confirmed time and date for your meeting. Many thanks.

The Eco Centre have invited our pupils to take part in their competition raising awareness about how wasting food adds to climate change.

Food waste competition entry form. If you can't print it off, just create your own. The online link to the competition will be available from Monday 1st March.

Check out the exciting World Book Day ideas here! Can you guess who the masked reader is?

Great ideas here for reading activities that do not involve screen time.

This is the home learning timetable for the week beginning 1st March A description of the activities each day is below, each activity has a link that will take you to the page directly.

Goodness me! The last zoom session of lockdown.  I am very proud of how all my lovely class have worked so hard during these challenging times and I am really looking forward to see you all back in school on Monday morning. 

Don't forget, no zoom session on Friday afternoon.  Take the time to complete your work and have your books ready to bring back to school.  If you have used a class ipad or device, make sure you bring that and the charger back too. 

 Friday 5th March. 


Maths - UPDATE: the incorrect lesson link has been replaced, the link below is now correct. 

Coordinates and shapes: To illustrate and name parts of a circle

In today’s lesson, we will identify the properties of a circle, name the parts and find out about the relationships between the parts.  Click HERE to preview the lesson. 


Zoom lesson  To find out about exploration and trade in the Elizabethan era.


To practise and apply knowledge of unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words, including test

In this lesson, we will apply our knowledge of unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words to further practise spellings, use a spelling strategy for the words in the spelling list from last spelling lesson, and take a test at the end of the lesson.  Click HERE to access the lesson. 


Thursday 4th March

Link for the Michael Rosen poem that wouldn't play. Click here

How to find the masked singer competition, go to the school home page then click on the following -



World book day activities with Mrs Thomas

Don’t forget to bring your favourite book along to the zoom session, you will share with the group what makes this a special book for you.

You will be watching these clips with Mrs Thomas.

 The firework maker’s daughter.  Click HERE.

 The giggler treatment. Click HERE.


Reading quiz ppt

Independent reading activity. To develop reading for pleasure through personal reflection

In this lesson, we will explore examples of genre in literature and consider how reading helps build empathy. We will explore the different kinds of reading we do each day and create a 24-hour reading log.  Click HERE to access the lesson.

Optional additional task. PSCHE

Be better and do more

Children will learn about climate change and the causes and effects. They will learn about the greenhouse gases and carry out an experiment to see these effects. Click HERE to access the lesson.


Spanish zoom session with   Mrs Woodward at 2pm - this will be a shorter session quiz activity as Ms Chambers is holding a reading session at 2.30pm should any children wish to join in. 


The spellings for the week are in the spelling resource folder.  Remember to copy these into your handwriting book then create a contextual sentence for each.  


PE: On the main home learning page, underneath the Spanish folder, are several links to online PE sessions.  Please access a session of your choice that you are able to take part in safely in your home. 



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