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A World of Colour (Arts Week)

Arts Week

This year our theme is Spain and rainbows. We started the week off by turning our classrooms into art galleries. Each child was presented with a ticket when they arrived. They were able to move around the room and look at the art on dispay. We then discussed our favourites using a word mat. We added lots of fantastic adjectives to our word mats too.

When we had discussed our opinions of the art we started to look at similarites and differences between the pieces. The Miss Boyle let us in on a secret... there was only two artists work on display. We tried hard to sort the art into the correct artists, Dali and Picasso.

We had lots to say abut the art.

  • Picasso paints lots of people.
  • Their faces look as if they're collapsing.
  • His work is very colourful.
  • The colours are almost neon.
  • He uses lots of lines and patterns.
  • Dali's work has more realistic colours.
  • There are hidden pictures.
  • I can see reflections.

Food tasting

After lunch we had a real treat. We were able to go to Miss Wainright to do some cooking and food tasting. We made a special potato salad which we had to chop up and mix together. Some of us really enjoyed it and ended up eating the whole bowl! Then we tried some olives, bread with balsamic vinegar and a special spanish omlette that Miss Wainright had made.

Day Two

Today we have focussed our work around another famous Spanish artist/architect called Gaudi. We learnt about his life and his work through reading a story called 'A stroll with Mr Gaudi.' In the book there were beautiful illustrations of the buildings. Miss Boyle's favourite is Casa Batlo which she saw on her recent trip to Barcelona. 2EB liked this too because the balconies are shaped like skulls.


Our main focus for today was El Capricho which Miss Hughes visited a couple of weeks ago. It is an intricately designed house, featuring lots of small ceramic tiles bearing sunflowers and other nature-inspired motifs.


Our job was to recreate the tiles using clay. We had lots of fun measuring the clay, rolling, cutting and carving. Take a look at the pictures below.

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