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 Maths is an important priority at Linaker and we are always on the look out for new ways to help the children learn. The website below is one that links directly to the maths planning that we use in school and allows teachers to set particular tasks for children to try. The site also provides access to a number of games that enable children to practise key skills independently.


To sign on, the children need to know their user name but this can be worked out easily. The user name is simply made up from the first 4 letters taken from the child's first name, followed by the first four letters of the child's surname. So Robert Johnson would use the username robejohn. If a child has only 3 letters in their first name then the username shortens by a letter - so Sam Marshall would use the username sammars.


N.B. The box for School code should be completed with the four letters lina.


Teachers will let children know the password they need in school but in the event of a problem, please contact the child's maths teacher for help.


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