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African Choir Workshops October 2019

A few weeks ago the children had an assembly telling them about an organisation in Uganda that supports, houses and educates up to 2000 children who have been found orphaned or abandoned over the years. They run six schools and a hospital to care for these children. Yesterday some of these children arrived in school as part of the Pearl of Africa Choir. They carried out workshops for the children including beading, singing, drumming and dancing. They filled the school with music, especially during their assembly and performance in the playground after school. The sound was incredible and was loved by the children. An amazing end to the half term thanks to an amazing group of young people. We have donated toast money from the last 3 weeks and will be doing a cake sale after half term to add to this. The staff charity collection for this Christmas will also go to the cause. See below for some wonderful photos from the day. 

Morning assembly performance.

Workshops throughout the day.

End of day performance.

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