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Andy Goldsworthy born 1956

Andy Goldsworthy


I always enjoy finding out new facts and today's is that Andy Goldsworthy made a key discovery about holes when he was on the sand dunes in Southport!!!


Andy Goldsworthy is a well known British sculptor who uses natural materials in his work. He creates patterns with leaves, twigs, rocks, stones sand and anything else he finds. He likes to make sculptures out in the wild and leaves them there to decay naturally.


If you have green space available you can go out and make your own sculptures in his style or you can create them using materials in your own home. There are challenge cards to give you extra ideas and the links below tell you more about Andy, his artworks and listen carefully for his mention of Southport.


Please send us your photos at


Our own pictures in the style of Andy Goldsworthy

Biography of Andy Goldsworthy

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