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To support work in science fiction writing, pupils will research collage art as a stimulus for their own individual and group pieces. These will be used as a green screen background to illustrate and animate their writing.  

To explore collage, pupils will learn about the art of  Fred Tomaselli and look at how he creates vibrant and evocative natural world scenes using a range of media. 


Fred Tomaselli creates psychedelic paintings that explore human perception and the vibrant complexity of the natural world. To build his collage-based works, he gathers a multitude of images from field guides, nature books and other sources, and assembles them into pulsating figures and geometric patterns. He blends formal and conceptual elements, and multiple artistic traditions, into works that vibrate with internal conflict and information overload. Tomaselli covers these rich compositions in resin, encapsulating layers of paint, collaged images, leaves and other objects into a floating surface that imbues them with a “sense of deep time.” For Tomaselli, painting is a route to alternative perception, and his colourful works transport us into a world of transcendent natural beauty. He invites us to get lost on our journey to this other dimension and to discover the boundless intricacy of nature. And when we arrive, he reveals a natural world that is at once sublime and afflicted by the countless battles that rage within it.

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