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Welcome to Ash!


Hello from Reception RJO!

Contact Miss Osbaldeston

Keep in touch! I am available at the door as you drop off and pick up your child. If you don't manage to speak to me, then drop me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. No matter how small or trivial you think it might be- feel free to ask.


Hello and welcome to RJO’s class page

In RJO Miss Osbaldeston is our Class Teacher.  We are very lucky to have 4 Teaching Assistants working across the 3 reception classes.  Mrs Halsall is RJO’s Teaching Assistant. On a Thursday afternoon Mrs Fletcher joins RJO to cover for Miss Osbaldeston. 


All of the Reception staff at Linaker Primary work together, to ensure all children enjoy a varied and exciting curriculum.  

We change our environment on a weekly basis to stimulate interest and create excitement about our topics.


All staff support the delivery of phonics sessions and mathematics.  This ensures that all children receive precise teaching and ensures all children make fantastic progress in their learning!


Miss Osbaldeston will regularly update this page, so make sure you check back for updates.



Homework and PE

Homework is sent out each Friday and we encourage children to return it by the following Monday.

Our PE day is Thursday. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school and that it is on their peg.

We will send PE kits home with children at the end of each term, for washing.

A PE kit should consist of; preferably, a white t-shirt, black shorts and some pumps, all clearly labelled with their name.


Reading at home has a big impact on your child's learning. Your child will bring home two books.  One is a library book that your child has chosen, this book is for you to read to them and talk about.  The other book is for your child to read to you.  We ask you to ensure your child brings their reading books to school every day.  We aim to change reading books on a Monday and Thursday each week.   Please sign your child's reading diary to show that you have looked at the books at home together.  In addition we ask that you practise the phase words (red and green) to work towards your child's targets.

Summer 2 Newsletter

Summer 2, overview of our jungle topic.

This term we are learning all about THE JUNGLE! See if you can spot us in our jungle role play area...

We have been using the Ipads to search for jungle animals.  We found lots of amazing images of these wild animals and we learnt interesting and funny facts.  We then used our favourite pictures to observe a variety of animal features and patterns to use for different activities such as drawing and writing.

Do you have a favourite jungle animal?

This week the whole school has had our annual Arts Week.  The theme has been The Lion King.  We have been very busy...

On Monday we watched The Lion King and tasted different types of popcorn.  We began our jungle collages.

On Tuesday the whole school visited Blackpool Zoo.  It was a brilliant day.  We saw a Sea Lion Show, Gorillas, Lions, Tigers and lots more exciting animals (see our pictures below of our super day).

On Wednesday we made a book about our Blackpool zoo visit, we continued to create jungle collages and we also began learning some jungle songs for a very special occasion coming up soon!

On Thursday we were very lucky to meet more animals because the ladies from The Lizard Lounge visited school and bought in lots of interesting animals for us to see.  I think Millie The Monkey was a favourite amongst the staff and children! Some of our children were very brave holding the Snakes and Bearded Dragons!

On Thursday evening our special adults came to look around school at all the creative work we have been doing!

See if you can spot our 3D crocodile and elephant... they will be in the entrance at KGV to greet guests who come and watch our amazing performance of the Lion King! 


Arts Week- The Lion King- The Lizard Lounge...

Arts Week- The Lion King- In the Jungle!!

Summer 1 Newsletter

Summer 1, overview of our fairytale topic

Red Nose Day 2015!

Spring 2- What we are learning and what you can do to help...

10 eggs arrived on Monday 9th March. Today is Tuesday and we now have 3 baby chicks! Visit our school home page to watch more chicks hatch.

We are very lucky to have had 9 very healthy chicks hatch out of their eggs! They are very happy and fluffy! Please come and visit them in Reception's Creative Area!

This week we have been measuring, weighing and drawing our baby chicks!

Curriculum Overview for Spring 1

January Newsletter

We are learning about Dinosaurs!!! Click on the link below to see what we have been doing...

The Snowman

We watched 'The Snowman' and used lots of words to describe the snowman as he was created.  We imagined the places that we could see in the film clip and what it would be like to go there. 

We looked at what clothes we would need to wear to go out in the snow but we were mostly interested in making a snowman! Unfortunately we have not had any snow yet! So, we made do with playdough... look at our amazing snowmen below...

Each term we have a floor book which shows you the journey of our interests and learning, please come in and have a look!  They are very exciting!



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