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En la escuela

Simple at home tasks :


  • Create your own Spanish timetable of the subjects you have in school.
  • Draw pictures of items you would find in a classroom and label them.
  • Design your own school and label the places in it.



La mochila - Spanish school supply vocabulary - Patti Lozano

Why is my backpack so heavy? Because it's filled with school supplies! A big favourite with Spanish students for learning school vocabulary.

En mi mochila

This video is about classroom items that are inside my the backpack.

Parts of the School in Spanish! Vocabulary for Children | Educational Videos for Kids

Parts of the School... ¡Partes del Colegio! 💭💭Which is your favourite place in school?? ... ¿Cuál es tu parte favorita del colegio? Let's learn vocabulary.

The school - School vocabulary in Spanish language (CLASSROOM SUBJECTS)

Que tienes en la mochila?

What do you have in the bag?

School Subjects + I Learn Spanish!

What's your favorite subject in school? - ¿Cuál es tu materia favorita? - Calico Spanish Songs

La escuela

Join Saba as he is sent to a new school.

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