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Augustus and his Smile

Augustus and his Smile

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This video shows the story of Augustus and his Smile being read on CBeebies bedtime stories by the well known actress Vicky McClure.

This book is by the author Catherine Rayner and tells the story of Augutus, a tiger who loses his smile and goes on an epic adventure to find it again.

First, watch the video of Vicky McClure reading Augutus and his Smile. Then, open up the English challenges below and have a go at completing some. There is a copy of the story below too. You will need this to complete some of the tasks and is there if you would like to read it over (and over and over) again. smiley


For most of these challanges you will need nothing more than your brain, your voice or a pencil and some paper. 


Have a go at as many as you can and remember that we love seeing your work so email anything you do over to us at 

Please remember there is no expectation to complete any of these activties over the Easter holidays. 

New activities WC 4.5.20


Please see below for new English activties to be completed starting from the WC 4.5.20. As with last time, please send any completed work to 


Have fun!



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