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Autumn 1 - Land Ahoy!

This half term, our learning was all around a 'Pirates' theme.   


  • We have explored our environment using maps; we learnt that we live in Southport, which is in England, and we programmed a BeeBot to find the treasure at the X on the treasure map.
  • We took our programming skills a step further with the "Bee Coding" program. 
  • We learnt about the past by looking at and learning about artifacts in museums; we visited the local Atkinson Centre museum & library and attended a Pirates Ahoy! workshop at the Liverpool Maritime Museum. 
  • In English lessons, we read pirate stories, wrote letters to pirates and applied our scientific learning about how to stay healthy by writing instructions for pirates! 
  • In PE, we explored movement and space through a pirate dance and we learnt to sing some pirate shanties!  
  • We had a pirate dress-up day, as well as making our very own pirate ships and testing them to see if they would float. 


Below are some of the photos from our very piratey half term.  Enjoy, m'hearties!

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