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Autumn 1 - Ourselves/Autumn is here!

'Autumn is here!'

Have you met our friend Percy the Park Keeper?

Percy is a friendly park keeper who loves nothing more than keeping his park clean and tidy! Percy has lots of animal friends and they often call on him for help. 



One of our focus stories is 'After the storm'. Percy hears lots of noise in the night and wonders what sort of mess he will wake up to. He woke up and checked his park only to find that the big storm had caused lots of damage and ruined his animal friends' homes. They asked Percy to help and of course he did! He build them the best and biggest treehouse you've ever seen.

Oh dear! Look what has happened...

A window was left open and it looks like Percy has been in our classroom. He left us a special box with a message and list of jobs inside. Percy said sorry for leaving the window open and promised he would tidy up the mess. 

We spent the morning completing some special jobs to help Percy out. We know he will be very grateful and we are glad we can help him, just like he helps the animals!

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