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Autumn 1

Bog Baby

Lots of the parents have been asking what/who the Bog Baby is! Below is a link to the story in a Youtube video. The children did some beautiful work for this topic. Have a look at the pictures below!


The Bog Baby

The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis, Illustrated by Gwen Millward.

Look what the Bog Baby got up to!


We heard that there had been a sighting of Bog Babies and we found out this was true. We found three Bog Babies in the Willow garden and kept them safe in our classrooms, where they had lots of fun!



During their time in Year 1 the Bog Babies escaped! For a whole week we couldn't find them! We made missing posters and stuck them around the school in the hope that somebody had seen them! It wasn't until the following week that Miss Boyle received an email full of pictures of the Bog Baby's adventures. We were happy to have them back!


Towards the end of the half term the Bog Baby got sick; we had to send him home to his pond. In preparation for this the children wrote party invitations, wrote me a very long shopping list and wrote and decorated a card to say goodbye to the Bog Baby. Then we threw a party for the Bog Baby, we played party games, had party food, sang our Bog Baby songs and he even left us a present to say thank you - a gold, chocolate coin!


Thank you, Parents!


As well as the three Bog Babies we found in the Willow garden, there was also one that went home with the children. The teachers in Year 1 would like to say a big thank you for welcoming the Bog Baby into your home and supporting your child when writing in his diary.

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