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Autumn 2

This half term we have been looking at life in the Stone Age.


With the rest of Key Stage 2, we had an exciting day when we got to dress up as Stone Age people and talk to our peers about life in the Stone Age, as well as find out how life was for them in their given period of History. It was interesting to interview a Roman soldier or chat to an Egyptian queen.


We also got to meet a character from the Stone Age who showed us some aspects of his way of life, as well as an archaeologist  who explained how we learn things about life in the Stone Age from what has been left behind. We even had a go at cave painting!

Cave painting

Stone Henge in cubes

We met Santa!!! He came in with a problem and needed our mathematical skills to help him. Fortunately we were able to solve his problem and he went off on his sleigh to prepare for Christmas Day.

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