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Autumn 2 - Celebrations


Bonfire Night

We discussed Guy Fawkes and how he planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament. We linked this to why some people celebrate bonfire night. Children looked at photographs of fireworks and listened to soundtracks of fireworks. We mainly talked about safety. Fireman Sam had some top tips to help keep us safe. We used a range of medias to create beautiful firework pictures. As well as this, we developed our fine motor skills and used our fingers to trace and copy patterns in the glitter. 


'A festival of light'. Click here

We learnt all about this festival, We watched a story about Rama and Sita and found out why, during Diwali people light up the streets with Diva lamps and flowers. 

Rama and Sita story can be watched clicking here.

Children enjoyed following instructions and making their own Diva lamp.  We also spent some time dancing to some Bollywood music and using the instruments. 

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