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Autumn 2 - Footprints in the Snow

Autumn term 2

Footprints in the Snow

Wolf is feeling offended and indignant - all the wolves he has ever read about are nasty, scary and greedy, so to set the record straight he decides to write a story about a nice wolf. But will his wolfish instincts get the better of him after all?

What have we been doing?

We used textured paints to paint a wolf. We also used a fork to give the wolf whiskers. We let our wolves dry and then we wrote a sentence using adjectives to describe the wolf. Some of us created a nice wolf, whereas some of us chose to create a nasty wolf! 

Speaking and listening activities


We have been doing lots of speaking and listening activities. We thought of a number of sentences that the wolf might’ve said.


‘I just want a friend’ ‘My name is Mr Wolf and I am nice’ ‘Will you be my friend?’ ‘Hello there Squirrel’ ‘Are these footprints yours?’


Instead of saying the above sentences in a normal voice we decided to try and add expression. We passed a box around the circle and inside the box had a variety of words including ‘shouted’, ‘whispered’, ‘cried’, laughed’, ‘moaned’ and ‘groaned’. When the music stopped the child had to choose a word and then say the sentence using that expression.

Researching wolves using an iPad

We used an app called Wikipanion to research wolves. We looked at some pictures of wolves and we found out some new information.

How are you feeling Mr Nice Wolf?

We got into character and wrote a sentence about how we were feeling at certain points in the story.

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