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Autumn 2 - To the Rescue!

What is a Hero?

Our PSHE work this term will center around the Linaker values of 'Responsibility' and "Team Work", while we answer the question 'Do all heroes wear capes?' and discuss what we can do to be heroes every day.

In History, we will learn about the life and work of Lady Diana Spencer, to find out whether princesses can be heroes, too! What do you think; what does it take to be a hero?

Re-enacting Traction Man heroically rescuing Scrubbing Brush from the Bin Things

Practical Maths - using the hall space to move up and down number lines

Role Play: Traction Man, Scrubbing Brush and Turbodog take a bath

Vocabulary Development - Traction Man explores the sandpit

Sequencing Events to Retell a Familiar Story

Using Maths No Problem to learn about Ordinal Numbers

Working Scientifically & using measure to find the most absorbent material for Traction Man's new towel

Using concrete resources to understand two-digit numbers

Learning the properties of common household materials in Science

Learning Through Play - PSHE being embedded in our Golden Time

SMSC - Raising money for charity whilst learning about missing number problems with Pudsey!

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High