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Autumn Term: We are Super!

What have Year 1 been up to this half term?


We began the Autumn term with a fabulous Superhero Day.  Thank you for your support in sending your child in to school wearing an outfit which represented their favourite hero or their idea of what a hero is.  See these lovely photos of our super year group:

We have talked lots about what it means to be a hero, including some real-life heroes and how we can be heroes in small ways every day.  Year 1 have learnt about the impact individuals like Rosa Parks and Florence Nightingale can have on the world and have discussed what makes doctors, nurses, firefighters, parents, teachers, vets, scientists and many other people everyday heroes. 


In our English lessons, we read "Traction Man is Here!" by Mini Gray.  Traction Man goes on exciting adventures in his home, including diving into the foamy waters of the kitchen sink.  Here we are exploring our own murky kitchen sinks, to help us to use description in our writing and to form sentences based on our experiences...

Our teachers have been so impressed with our POW Projects, which have demonstrated how we have taken this learning further at home - thank you grown-ups for your support in creating these wonderful homework projects.  Look out for our letter after half term explaining our next 'Autumn Themed' Pow Project.


In Science this term we began looking at everyday materials and learnt what the word "fabric" means.  Now we know what most objects in our classroom are made from and can identify objects which are fabric or fabric-covered.  We also developed our scientific investigation skills, learning how to investigate ideas by carrying out a scientific test, observing changes over time and talking about our findings.  Look at these photos of us exploring how to free superheroes from frozen ice balloons and exploring materials in our classrooms.  We even discovered which was the most absorbent material for Traction Man to use as a towel in his next mission...

Our PE lessons have helped us to develop coordination and agility - very important skills for any superhero to master! We also had a really fun taster session with Helen from PDS, where we got to have a go at street dance - see how much we enjoyed it!

We are learning to use computers safely and to create pictures using technology and we have begun to explore the meaning of 'belonging' and how to keep safe in our communities.


We have explored patterns and printing techniques in Art and have made our very own superhero cape (miniature sized, for a toy!) from cotton.  We created a stamping tool, which we used to print a design onto our cape.  We are very excited to have our parents in on the first day back after half term to wrap up our superhero topic by embellishing our capes with your help!


***See you on Monday 29th October at 1:30pm, in the lower hall!***

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