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Bridget Riley born 1931

Earlier this school year, Years 3 and 4 used the work of Bridget Riley to inspire their Christmas Cards. Here is some information about her life and work with ideas on how to create work in her style. 


If you only have one pen you can focus on the optical art shown in the video. Alternatively it could be a great excuse to get all your pens or coloured pencils out at once and draw patterns with straight lines (great chance to use a ruler). You can mix different thicknesses of lines or create different pieces of art using the same colours but with different types of pen or pencil to compare the look.


There is also a link of how to decorate plant pots in her Optical Art style which would link well with any gardening you are starting. 


You could copy what we did and create strips of colours by mixing two primary colours of paint together and then painting from light to dark by changing the amount of one colour in the mix.


If you don't have pens then cut up paper or save cereal boxes or labels off tins and cut them into strips to make your own patterns.


Send them to us at so we can add some to the website.

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