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Bunting is often used as a decoration when events are being held outside e.g. Summer Fairs, street parties and carnivals. It has long strings onto which triangular flags are added. These can be made out of fabric but we can also use paper and card when we know it won't rain or it is indoors. The bunting can be decorated in different ways depending on the occasion. I have seen bunting made from print outs of a monument sewn together, I have made a variety of bunting from fabrics ranging from purple camouflage to sparkly pink sewn onto ribbon or bias binding and I have even seen old shirts cut up to make bunting! One of the famous wartime phrases was "Make Do and Mend" so use anything you have available to create your bunting for decoration.


For VE Day 75 you can decorate using the colours red white and blue or create lots of copies of the Union Jack. I include different templates for you to use - some fold over the top of the string and others need to be threaded through. You may want to create your own template too. I also show a few examples coloured in different ways but I need to do more by Friday.


Bunting was first used on ships and the flags were used as a method of communication.

Union jack bunting to colour


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