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Celebrations - Autumn 2

Celebrate good times!


The theme for Autumn term 2 is 'Celebrations'. We will be thinking about what we celebrate, different cultures and celebrations/traditions as well as visiting a local church. We have a range of quality texts planned to read to children including; The Scarecrows Wedding, Happy Birthday Winnie, The Tiger Who came to tea, Harvey Sumfenburger's Christmas Present, The Christmas Nativity and Owl Babies, just to name a few!


Bonfire Night

We discussed Guy Fawkes and how he planned to blow up the Houses of Parliament. We linked this to why some people celebrate bonfire night. Children looked at photographs of fireworks and listened to soundtracks of fireworks. We mainly talked about safety. Fireman Sam had some top tips to help keep us safe. We decided to create posters for the nursey children to help them keep safe and we included some of Fireman Sam's top tips, including - stand away from fireworks and always keep pets inside. We also visited the computer room this week for the first time. We used TUX paint to design our own firework masterpiece using a range of colours and TUX paint tools. We enjoyed seeing Mr Greco (our IT technician) during our visit and he supported our learning alongside the teachers.

Celebrating Our School

We love coming to Linaker Primary School and we want to spread the word how good our school is!

Mrs Brown asked for our help at the beginning of the week. She said she wanted to have an open day and needed us to create some posters, invitations and decorations. Of course, we wanted to help Mrs Brown so we got straight to work! Have a look at some of our posters below...

We then looked at some invitations and created our own to send out to families inviting them to come to our 'Open day' and visit our school. Once we designed the invitations, we walked to the nearest post box and posted our invites. We walked to the post box in small groups with our teachers and teaching assistants. Whilst we were at the pox box, we discussed the importance of writing the address on the envelope, attaching a stamp and we even got to see a postman emptying a letter box!  

Where is our school?

We enjoyed using google maps to explore the local area and try and spot our school. Children were very enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed using the internet to view Southport. They were able to spot local attractions, trees, roads and the beach.

A big thank you!


Saturday 30th November

The open day was a huge success with lots of our families joining us to celebrate our school. We also met some new faces and got to show our fantastic Early Years setting off to them. We hope everyone who came enjoyed it just as much as we did!

A traditional Christian wedding

Our class puppet, Stanley and Markus had big news for us this morning! Over the weekend they had been to a celebration. They gave us clues as to what they were celebrating. Once we had listened to their clues of what they could see, hear, smell, taste and touch we managed to guess that they had been to a wedding at a church.


We continued the week by listening to music that might be played at  wedding, clothes that may be worn and items that might be found at a wedding e.g. a cake and rings!


Children enjoyed visiting Scarisbrick New Road Baptist church. We met with Rev Dan Parkes and he told us about the church. He also read 'The Scarecrows Wedding' story to us and after that he married two of out lovely children. We had a bride and a groom. We sang songs and had a celebration in the hall afterwards with cake, a drink and a dance! The bride and groom particularly enjoyed dancing together!

A hindu wedding

We enjoyed learning about Hindu weddings and comparing them to a traditional Christian wedding. We found out that the bride wears red and gold and she gets a henna ink design before the wedding. One of our lovely parents came in to tell us all about how weddings are celebrated in her religion and talked to us about the different traditions. We got to have a try at henna and we listened to some traditional Indian music. Some children enjoyed moving to the music, whilst others enjoyed acting out a hindu wedding.

Our Nativity
'Jesus' Birthday Party' nativity was a huge success. We would like to thank all parents for providing costumes and helping children learn lines. We were very proud of the Reception children and hope you enjoyed watching our nativity as much as we did!

A Christmas surprise...

We got a letter from Mrs Brown telling us to check our emails as she had spotted something on CCTV camera. We received a video link and it was of Santa in our outdoor area! We couldn't believe it. A present dropped off his sleigh, we discussed what could be inside the box.

Goodbye to our Elves

We had to say goodbye to our lovely kindness Elves today. But before they left they told us to go outside and plant a special seed. We planed a seed in the discovery den and had to go back indoors. We waited 5 minutes and went back outside to discover that the special seed had grown into a candy cane.

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