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Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we looked at some information about why and where it is celebrated. We watched some video clips for how CNY is celebrated in China and around the world.


In Year 5 we chose from a range of activities. Some of us made Origami pigs (as it is the year of the pig) and some of us made our own paper fortune cookies (complete with hand-written messages). Some of us completed a code-breaking challenge to read different greetings. 


At the end of the afternoon we completed a 'Chopstick Challenge'. Children were in teams and had to move a variety of sweet treats from one bowl to another- across the other side of the room! Children had to use the chopsticks and could only use one hand! It was very tricky! 


A special thank you to Alice, who brought in fortune cookies for all of Team Year 5! 

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