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Christmas Carol Concert

Instead of a traditional Christmas play, this year, Years 5 and 6 chose to read themed poetry and perform a variety of seasonal songs. 


Some of the songs were traditional classic Christmas hymns, some were related to our poetry and some were in Spanish (the language we learn in school.) 


Year 5 chose to recite the poem- ''Twas the Night Before christmas'. Some of use chose to recite our verse in our home language (Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, English) and one group even learnt it in Spanish. 


We loved performing to the younger children in school and then to our parents and other family members in Christ Church. 


Miss Chambers and Mrs Corkhill would like to add how proud we were of our children. They worked hard to learn their lines and actions and sat beautifully in church. Well done Team Year 5! 

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