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Christmas Nativity

Picture 1 We can dance.
Picture 2 We can sing.
Picture 3 We can do anything,
Picture 4 We'll make you laugh.
Picture 5 We'll make you cry.
Picture 6 Some of us can even fly!
Picture 7 We are patient.
Picture 8 We are kind
Picture 9 We help out ...
Picture 10 ... all the time.
Picture 11 We can twinkle.
Picture 12 We shine.
Picture 13 We come in at the right time!
Picture 14 Travel with us.
Picture 15 Walk our way.
Picture 16 Share our journey...
Picture 17 ... every day
Picture 18 For quite soon ...
Picture 19 these will be...
Picture 20 Precious memories of me!

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High