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Get ready for week 2!  It has been brilliant to see you all on the zoom sessions and we have loved seeing the work you have emailed in.  Well done children and grown-ups!  Here is the overview for the coming week. 

Zoom’s will continue at the same times and with the same codes.  We will talk about the activities in the zoom session and then you should complete the work after the zoom.  All the links are provided, just click on the star.

In addition please continue using Lexia, MyMaths and Reading Buddy.

Don’t forget we are back in school on Friday 27th November.  We can’t wait 🙂.

Mrs Worthington, Mrs Clutton and Miss Jackson



Session 1,     9.30 am

Session 2,     1.30 pm

Mon 23rd

Maths – Comparing numbers to 10.  Vehicles sheet.


English – What happened next, three pigs sheet


History – Toys 1

Tues 24th

Maths – Number Bows – one more and one less


English – phonics lesson ‘ee’ and ‘What can you see in the home?’ page of the booklet.

History – Toys 2

Wed 25th

Maths – Subtraction within 10. Number bond sticks subtraction within 10 sheet (behind the vehicle sheet)


English –  phonics lesson ‘ay’ ‘What can you see in the supermarket?’ page of the booklet.


Science - Materials hunt 2.


Thurs 26th

Maths – Number shape subtraction to 10 (in vehicle booklet)


English –  phonics lesson ‘igh’ ‘What can you see at the park?’ page of the booklet.




Hello from Mrs Worthington, Miss Jackson and Mrs Clutton


As you know, our class bubble has now closed for a little while. We hope you are all ok and keeping safe. We will miss you all, but it won't be long until we are all back together in our classroom. In the meantime, we will be updating this page daily with activities to run alongside our daily zoom sessions. This will hopefully keep you busy at home!


Please note: Zoom sessions will start from Tuesday 17th November. This gives us time to get your home learning packs and Zoom codes to you. If you have any problems, questions or just want a chat, please drop us an email on;


Your work pack has three activities for each day and enough for 2 weeks.  This is an overview of what we will be doing from the pack this week.  We will talk about the activities in the zoom session and then you should complete the work after the zoom.

You will find the zoom codes in your pack.


Session 1,     9.30 am

Session 2,     1.30 pm

Tues 17th

Maths – Number formation booklet

English – ch words

Plan a meal for Hansel and Gretel.

Wed 18th

Maths – Superhero missing numbers

English – sh words

Little Red Riding Hood’s Basket.

Thurs 19th

Maths – Match the numbers and words

English – th words

Material hunt booklet.

Fri 20th

Maths – Ordering numbers 0 to 20

English – 3 Pigs story map / retell story (with adult).

Three Little Pigs outfits


Press on the links below to find out more about each day’s activities.

Our Home Learning Gallery

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