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Hi everyone,


We hope you are safe and well. Hopefully this two week isolation goes quickly. We already can't wait to be back together, learning in our classroom.


Until then, our Zoom sessions will take place at 10am and 2pm. Zoom codes can be found in the home learning pack or by emailing .


Below are some links to lessons for the children/you to complete during the day. As a minimum, we expect attendance on the zoom sessions, reading to be done (we are aware that your books are in school for isolation over the weekend so whatever books you have is fine) and maths work to be completed. The lessons attached are designed so the children can work mostly independently.


We look forward to seeing them/you in the Zoom sessions and back in school on the 27th November. 


Take care,

Mrs Lavelle and Mrs Thomas smiley

New Zoom Code 97883964544

Passcode remains the same. 

Today's lessons


Thursday 26th November - Mrs Lavelle

laugh Happy Birthday, Hawra! laugh


Guided Reading - We will do this together on Zoom.


English - Click here


Maths - Click here


Spelling - Click here 


Music - Click here


PSHE - Click here

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Very imaginative (and gruesome) punishments created by Maison, Ethan and Jaycob. Well done, boys.

Bana's mum emailed me to show me the work she'd done in maths. I set her the challenge to write the commutative property as well as two inverse calculations. She's not just done it for one calculation, but for all multiples of 4 up to 48! Well done, Bana! yes


In PSHE, we learnt about human rights. The right to food, clothes, shelter, medical help, the right to education (even if it's over zoom), the right to have our own thoughts and religion and most importantly; the right to be safe. Following the lesson, Maison emailed me a great poster explaining clearly what our human rights are. Well done!

Mariyah sent her English work for us to look at. Today, she devised a character, drew a picture of her character, described how they are feeling and wrote a speech bubble using an emotion word. Great adjectives, Mariyah! I love how you've used the prefix un-. yes





Elena, who has attended all of our Zoom sessions (even without a camera), has sent her English work, too. Her character is a console remote who is feeling tired because it's always being used and not being put on charge. Very imaginative, Elena. Well done. yes

Zaynah sent in some of her English work. She thought about the character she had created and wrote the commands and rhetorical questions that her character would say. Well done, Zaynah! Remember the punctuation you need after a question. wink


In history, we found out that the Anglo-Saxons had to take an oath at age 12. Crimes were punished in different ways but usually weren't as gruesome as the Roman's. Look at some of the oaths we have

written. Great work! yes 

In PSHE, we were learning about the different groups that made up and contribute to a community. Some communities have unique aspects that helps identify them. Some people wear uniforms to identify them (like you do in school). Your task was to create a jigsaw of at least 6 communities. It could be those that you are part of, would like to be part of or are prominent where we live.


Take a look at Ethan's jigsaw. He's thought hard about the communities he sees in Southport and those that he is part of/wants to be part of. Well done for remembering those key workers (NHS and Royal Mail) that are working so hard during these strange times. Great work! yes























Have a look at the brilliant work sent in from Kai. He's thought hard about the communities he is in and also those that are serving us. Well done. smiley 


It seems both of the twins have been busy. Brilliant jigsaw, Cruz. I love how you've cut it out so we can see clearly the different communities that contribute to our town. Well done. yes

Another great piece of work by Maison. We as a school are definitely a community. Our little class bubble is a community within the whole of the school's. I love how you've thought about the food banks which we donated food to only a couple of weeks ago. They are being used a lot more now with people facing such uncertain times. Well done, Maison! 


Elena's jigsaw includes our school, the NHS, ASDA, her family, her swimming club and Christmas. I suppose, Santa and his reindeers will have their own, very busy community at the moment. Let's hope they will be visiting us soon! 

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