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Hi from Mrs. Ambrose, Mrs. Tierney and Mr. Horner.


RDA Pod Closure.

Hi everybody. We will be at home until Monday 23rd November. Until then we are 'zooming' twice a day at 9.30am and 1.30pm.

Morning zoom.

Meeting ID: 932 2302 0745

Password: Xu7W8L


Afternoon Zoom

Meeting ID: 935 3483 4413

Password: 77WPP2


If you travel further down this page you can click on the Reception icon and we have uploaded lots of links for you for great educational sites. Also, there are resources for supporting your child with Phonics and Maths to supplement our Home Learning Packs.

See you all soon,

Mrs Ambrose. x

Daily 'zoom' timetable and activities.

Click on the link below to see how busy and fun filled our 'zoom' sessions were during our November isolation period.

RDA 'Zoom' Timetable November.

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