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Our learning environment

We understand the importance of providing a stimulating, challenging learning environment at Linaker.

The display boards are changed on a regular basis depending on our topic. The displays in our classrooms feature photographs of our learning, key vocabulary and questions as well as the children's work. We encourage the children to use the displays to assist their learning.

Children are able to explore, experiment, and learn through a variety of experiences. In the afternoons, all the year 1 children access continuous provision. The different areas of learning (e.g. sand area, creative area, maths area) are spread across the three Year 1 classrooms. The children choose the area they wish to learn in and we enhance the area accordingly with an array of learning opportunities linking to the current Year 1 topic.

Areas of learning in Miss Cochrane's classroom...

Areas of learning in Miss Oakley's classroom...

Areas of learning in Mrs Baxter's and Mrs White's classroom...

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