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Construct your net

 Step 3 Using nets to make boxes

For your next task this week I have put links to some nets that you can print out at home. If you have thin card to print on that will make the sturdiest boxes. If you just have paper you can still make them. You could try printing them out on paper and then gluing them on a cereal box to make them more sturdy.


Look carefully at the net before you start. Can you see tabs? If you can then cut round them. You will need to fold them and glue them to stiffen the box. You can either use glue or tape. Make sure you work out the whole shape and see how it will fit together before you glue anything down!


Where there is a line that needs folding you can bend it over and run your closed scissors away from you along it to score the fold and make it precise.


Most of the boxes here are cubes or cuboids but if you would like a challenge there is a square based pyramid which links to our topic.

Constructed nets

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