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Deconstruct your box

Step 2 Deconstructing Boxes

Last week we looked at boxes for gifts and how they were decorated, how they appealed to the customer and what shape they were.


This week we continue to look at boxes, and in order to understand how they are made, we must pull them apart. Many boxes we use are cubes or cuboids but depending on what we are putting in them they could be a whole range of shapes.


When you take your box apart you should find that they are generally made from one piece of card. That this piece of card is not exactly the same shape as your cuboid or your cube. Instead it should have areas which overlap to make the section of the box stiffer or to help opening and closing the box. The shape from which you make the box is called the net and the pieces that overlap are called tabs.


Here are some examples of boxes opened up.

Deconstructing boxes and looking at the nets and tabs

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