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COVID - Learning at Home

If your child must isolate but their class is continuing in school - the work for the week will be collected and at the end of the week sent to you to complete at home.  In addition, online learning can be done on the following platforms; Numbots, MyMaths, Reading Buddy and Lexia.  If you need help with logins or anything else, you can contact the teachers by email at;


If your child’s class is isolating – each child will bring home a pack which is intended to support your child through a period of distance learning. 

Although the work sheets and activities in this pack can be used alone, our expectation is that pupils will use the Zoom platform to take part in the daily sessions with their class teachers.

Each school day during the period of distance learning will follow the same format:

9.30am - Zoom meeting with class teacher where a register will be taken and the lessons and activities for the day introduced. The teacher will use this session to direct the children to online and offline resources for the day's learning. The teacher will also teach any new concepts required for the day's work and explain how they will be looking later at the work that has been done.

1.30pm - Zoom meeting with the class teacher to review the day’s work and go over any problems the children have encountered.

Outside of these two fixed sessions, we would expect the pupils to be working independently on the activities set by their teacher. There is no expectation that 'normal' school hours are kept as we recognise that working at home is very different. However, we would expect that reading, writing and maths would be daily activities along with at least one other area as directed by the class teacher.

You can contact the teachers by email at;

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