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All year groups at Linaker Primary School follow the Maths No Problem scheme.  This scheme teaches Mathematics in line with the National Curriculum for each year group, using a practical approach and allowing opportunities for reflection, consolidation and application of learning.  We use a 'CPA' approach:

Concrete - learning with actual objects and resources.

Pictorial - converting what we learnt with concrete resources into images, such as pictures of the objects or resources and mathematical diagrams.

Abstract - converting what we saw as images into numbers and symbols.



In Key Stage 1 we teach 'synthetic phonics', using the Read, Write, Inc. scheme. Children are grouped according to their phonic knowledge, which is assessed half termly.  As children learn more sounds and become more fluent readers, they move on to the next stage of the scheme.



Our writing lessons follow our Phonics sessions.  We select a 'quality text' to base our writing on, linked to that half term's topic.  The children learn to write for a variety of purposes in a range of styles, applying the phonic knowledge and sentence structure work learnt in the Read, Write, Inc. sessions.  See the whole-year topic overview, below, to find out what text we will use in each topic. 

Whole Year Topic Overview, including focus texts for English

The Broader Curriculum


The children at Linaker Primary School experience a broad and balanced curriculum with links to real-life scenarios and a range of opportunities both in and out of school to consolidate and apply their learning.


Our Key Stage 1 children learn through a topic-based approach.  We have an over-arching theme, through which we teach Geography and/or History, Computing, Art and DT.  Where possible, we make links to the Science curriculum.  Science is taught every week.  Our children also have regular PSHE, RE, Spanish and Music lessons, as well as PE twice per week.


Autumn Term

Much of the emphasis in our topic lessons during the Autumn term is on PSHE (personal, social and health education) and SMSC (social, moral, spiritual and cultural) learning, whilst introducing the children to concepts such as:

  • Who am I and where do I belong? 
  • How can I be a good citizen in my community?
  • Why do we have rules?
  • What is a map and how do I use one?
  • How do we know about the past?
  • Why do we learn about the world?

During the Autumn term, our children will have access to Continuous Provision areas, to ease the transition into Key Stage 1.  This will enable them to explore, enhance and consolidate learning in creative and practical ways.

Spring Term

Our Spring term topics are mainly Geography-based, learning about where we live and our place in the world.  We will learn our address and how to use a map, as well as the weather in our part of the world.

Summer Term

In the Summer we will mainly learn about the past and how we know about it, from stories which are passed down and from artifacts and secondary sources. We will compare the past with modern day and look at changes in living memory.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High