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Dame Jane Goodall b 1934

Dr. Jane Goodall

One of the things that has interested me whilst sharing these Famous Scientists with you is discovering new links, new facts and even new scientists and how relevant their work continues to be. I had chosen this week's scientist last week and had started to gather resources together. You can therefore imagine my delight when I saw her on the television yesterday talking about what our world post-lockdown could look like.


Dr Jane Goodall has shown great determination and courage throughout her life. She had a dream to go to Africa to work with animals and worked hard to make her dream come true. She began studying chimpanzees in their own habitat in 1960 and made discoveries about their behaviour and lives including when she lived as a member of a chimpanzee troop for nearly two years.


Dr Jane Goodall and the Jane Goodall Institute continue their work throughout the globe and encourages us all to do something to protect our own environment so that as a Team we will make a difference.


Her mother encouraged her to "Work hard. take advantage of opportunities and never give up" and this helped Jane achieve what seemed an impossible dream. 

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