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Design and Technology


This year we have been learning about a balanced diet and why we need to eat different types of food and in which proportions to keep us healthy.


In KS1 children selected the ingredients to make smoothies and in KS2 we continue to develop Maths skills such as weighing with cookery skills such as chopping, mixing, stirring and how to use equipment safely.


Below I attach a range of recipes you may want to try.

Juggling Balls

This half term the Design and Technology project is Juggling Balls. As a tourist town created in Victorian times, Southport has always entertained its holiday makers. There are still theatres in Southport including The Atkinson, The Little Theatre and the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre. These are just a few of the theatres and venues used for entertaining which have survived. Southport has attracted many performers over the years


Professional and amateur actors, musicians, dancers and performers continue to entertain us. There are also street entertainers at our many festivals and sometimes a visiting circus.


No doubt at some point there have been children and adults who have been entertained by a clown juggling balls (or even fire more recently). This is your opportunity to find out more about what they are, how they are used and how they are made. During your time at home you could become and expert and include a few tricks so you can entertain those around you. They are also very good for helping you to relax as you have to concentrate and avoid distractions so that you don't drop them!


There is an easy activity sheet below which shows you how to make some juggling balls using socks! You can fill them with various things such as, rice, lentils and beans. You could try to make some using the various fillings and then use the activity sheet below to evaluate which filling is best and why. Don't forget to send us a picture of your finished product and your evaluation sheets.


Gift Bags and Boxes

This half term our DT Topic will be Gift Bags and Boxes. We will be looking at different forms of packaging and how it is constructed and decorated.


Your first challenge is to collect any boxes you have that are empty. Boxes are  used for many different purposes and the design of the box often links to its purpose. This half term we are particularly focussing on gift boxes and bags but because of lockdown we will also be limited by what we have in our houses!




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