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Design Technology

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Design Technology Documents

Design Technology at Linaker Primary School

Year 6 food technology. Pupils created a WWI menu for food cooked in the trenches as part of their history topic. They carefully considered health and safety for food preparation and for cutting, chopping and grating skills. They used the cooker and oven sensibly, making sure that the appropriate equipment was used. The children made trench stew, potato bread (making reference to previous science work on yeast - micro-organisms), Anzac biscuits and cheese and lentil savoury. The food was tasted and evaluated.

In Reception we enjoy building and exploring how to make strong structures

Throughout the school, we learn about healthy eating and how to make good choices in our own recipes

Year 5 investigated, designed, made and evaluated musical instruments

Year 3 and 4 - Extreme Survival Design and Technology Day. Across Year 3 and 4 we designed and made our very own healthy snack.

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