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Designing a gift box

Design a gift box

Your challenge this week is to design a gift box for a space themed sweet for children. The package needs to hold 100g of sweets and it needs to be attractive to children.


I have attached a template which you can use when you are designing your package. I used two.


The first sheet was to try and think about the main picture which would be the one children first see on the shelves. Things to think about here are:


1) Does the name of the sweet suggest space?

2) Does it tell the child what type of sweet it is e.g. crunchy, lollipops, chewy or soft?

3) Are the colours bright and attractive to children?

4) Is the name easy to read?

5) Are there space themed pictures on the front?


Try different types of lettering and ways of colouring in. Then when it is complete look carefully at it and decide what went well and what didn't work. Which of these will you choose as your front of box - you can change it slightly.

Front of box design sheet

Overall gift box design

The second sheet I used to design each of the 6 faces of my cube box.

1) I made some slight adjustments to my initial front view.

2 On the top of the box I put an advertising slogan - They're out of this world.

3)I left the bottom of the box blank.

4) I put a game on the left hand side of the box where you follow the lines/

5) I put a counting activity on the right hand side of the box.

6) I put any key information needed on the back of the box including the ingredients, where it was made and the net weight of the sweets. Look at any sweets you have - do they have allergy advice or whether they are suitable for vegetarians?


My final design is going onto a net so I can still improve on anything I don't like on this design sheet next week.


​​​​​​​Have fun.

Box Design Sheet

Design sheet template - print the second page only

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