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Distance Learning January-February 2021

School Closure Spring Term 2021

Thank you in advance for your support for your child's continued learning whilst school is closed; you will be key in ensuring that your child takes part in the learning planned for them over this period. A pack of paper-based work will be delivered to your home by Friday 8th January and online learning will begin via Zoom on Monday 11th January.  Although the work sheets and activities in the pack can be used alone, our expectation is that pupils will use the Zoom platform to take part in the daily sessions with their class teachers.  Each school day during the period of distance learning will follow the following format:

9.45 am Morning Zoom meeting with class teacher where a register will be taken and the lessons and activities for the day introduced. The teacher will use this session to direct the children to online and offline resources for the day's learning. The teacher will also teach any new concepts required for the day's work and explain that they will look at work that has been done, later on.

1.00pm Afternoon Zoom meeting with the class teacher to review the day’s work and go over any problems the children have encountered.

On Mondays, we will offer an extra, optional session at 3pm

Miss Hughes and Mrs Cain will team up for a Year 2 Story Time session, as we know the children enjoyed these during the previous lock-down and it will give us a chance to catch up altogether at the beginning of the week.  Attendance at this session is optional.

You received the access codes for these Zoom sessions, in the letter enclosed in your child's home-learning pack. If you have any questions, email us at:

Click the link below to be taken directly to our Year 2 home learning folder, which is updated daily with each day's tasks and links, as well as the photo gallery of your fabulous work, which you can email to us.

Below is a sub-folder containing useful links for home-learning, such as Lexia, Maths No Problem, Reading Buddy and Times Table Rockstars, as well as extra home learning links, activities and ideas for subjects we won't cover as much on Zoom, like PE, PSHE, DT, Music.

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