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Do Year 1 pupils have homework to do?

POW Projects!

Year 1 receive a homework project each half term, based on their current topic. 

These are called 'POW' Projects and your child can collect 'POW Points' for the number of tasks they compete and creativity.

These are to be returned to school presented in any format you like (drawings, writing, photos, typed writing, newspaper cuttings, models made at home) in, or with, their large pink homework books, by the date stated on the initial sheet, sent home at the beginning of each half term. 

Please encourage your child to have a go at one task per week, minimum, and support them with their homework.   These projects are designed to be fun and creative for families to complete together.

Please note - any writing / drawing should be completed by the child (unless they have a specific difficulty with writing that we are aware of), but with adult guidance / support / direction.


For more details on subject specific homework, please see the links on our class page, which have information on how you can support your child at home with their Maths, Spelling and Reading.

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