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Do you know how to keep safe online?

We are Lee, Kim and Sid. We help you learn about e-safety.


Sid's top tips for staying safe online are:


1. People you don't know are strangers. They are not always who they say they are.

2. Be nice to people on the computer like you would on the playground.

3. Keep your personal information private.

4. If you get that 'uh oh' feeling you should tell an adult that you trust.


Have a look on the website below for games and more activities to do with e-safety.

Keep safe online animations...

We decided to take part in a animation competition set up by Ms Hodge from Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School. The animation had to have a message in about how to keep safe online. Some other schools in Southport took part in the competition too.


First we reminded ourselves of the SMART rules (safe, meeting, accepting, reliable and tell).


Next we had a little look at some animations made by other children. We discussed that a animation is a series of still images squeezed together to make it look like the thing is moving.


Then we got into groups and filled in a planning sheet. In our groups we thought about what the problem could be in the animation, who the characters could be and how the problem is resolved by doing the right thing.


After we created a storyboard to sequence our ideas.


After that we made plasticine models to star in the animations.


Next we used 'Lego Movie Maker' App on the Ipads with help from our teachers to record and produce the animation.


Finally we watched the animations on the big screen in class.


One lucky group got chosen to go to Edge Hill with Miss Cochrane and Mr Hirst to show their animations to other school children. At Edge Hill children took part in two computing programing workshops. The Year One children paired up with some Year Six children. We had a fantastic time and the children got a goody bag and a certificate to say well done for taking part in the competition.



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