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Learning to Read


Linaker is a Read Write Inc. school, we use this highly successful systematic phonics program from Ruth Miskin Training to ensure that phonics is taught and assessed thoroughly throughout the school.

Staff have been expertly trained in the delivery of the scheme and receive regular support and further training from our school lead Mrs Worthington and our RWI consultant.  We believe that delivering this scheme with fidelity and passion is key to raising standards in our children's early literacy.


All children in Reception and KS1 are taught using the scheme.  In addition the scheme is used for older children who need to catch up. Once children complete the RWI phonics programme they move into a reading comprehension group.  Most children complete the scheme by the end of the first term of Year 2.  They then join a reading comprehension group.

Once children complete the Read Write Inc, scheme, they have a secure grasp of phonics and the ability to decode at speed as they read. The focus slowly shifts from phonics to comprehension and, at Linaker, we use the Reading Vipers Mnemonic to help pupils understand the different ways that we need to understand what we read. The handbook below provides more details of this system and some illustrations of the ways that children need to understand the texts that they read.
We also use 2 online systems to support the children in their reading and both of these can be accessed and used at home. The links below will take you to the logon pages for Reading Buddy and Reading Plus. For any help with signing in or any lost passwords, please speak to your child's class teacher.
With all the support available, we intend that all our children complete their time at Linaker as fluent and perceptive readers. The key to this is no secret - to become a better reader, you need to read! We encourage all our children to read daily at home as well as in school and we are happy to support parents in any way that we can to get their children reading at home. Please do speak to class teachers if there is anything we can do to help.

Learning to Write

From their earliest attempts at writing, we encourage children at Linaker to see writing as a process. Drawing from quality texts, we begin by enjoying and repeating the stories others are telling, collecting vocabulary and ideas that will help as with our writing. When we write, we encourage pupils to see this as drafting - producing something that can be improved by further editing and work, until eventually being the best that we can make it. Below are pictures of one of our writing walls (on this one Year 6 are working on a science fiction story). We use these in every classroom to model the writing process that the children use.

Key to successful writing are the core technical skills of punctuation and spelling and following on from RWI, spelling continues to be taught using the Oxford Owl resources. The link below to a parental support page on the Oxford Owl website, shows the level of spelling expectations at Primary School and has several helpful ideas for how families can support children in learning to spell.

Reading and Writing around the school

Lenny our reading dog enjoys meeting the children

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